Counselling with Mindfulness

with Dan Lupton
Dip.Couns.(BCPC); Cert. Relate; MBACP

Mindfulness works in every moment of life
Mindfulness works in ordinary ways - every day of your life

People usually come to Counselling in emotional difficulty. Mindfulness practices work very well within Counselling, helping us simplify our awareness, connect more directly with our emotions and inner reactions, and respond more skilfully and with clearer communication in our behaviour.

What is Counselling?
In Counselling, we explore and express difficult emotions, within a safe and non-judging space, and try to work out how to live more comfortably. The therapeutic relationship may be the first time we have experienced non-disapproval, respect and encouragement, and this can be transformative. Through Counselling, we can explore how old habits and conditioning from early life are complicating and distorting our lives. Using these insights, we can experiment with feeling, thinking, and behaving differently in our lives, which can help us feel happier and more vividly alive.

Why use Mindfulness?

With Mindfulness, we focus on what is actually happening in the present moment, and pay great attention to the body, which is home to our emotions, our intuition, or "gut feeling", and our deepest wisdom. Our thinking minds try to make sense of our lives, based on past experience, but often distort or misinterpret things. Practicing Mindfulness can give us a different perspective, helping us notice thoughts complicating our experience, building inner resilience, and learning to respond less reactively in our lives. This too, can help us feel happier and more alive.

Practical details:
Dan works with Individuals and Couples in private practice in central Frome.
Fees: £30-60 p/hr for Indivivuals / £45-65 p/hr for Couples
Mobile: 07968 - 729090 (best number to use)
Tel/Fax: 01373-474699
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Men's Therapy & Mindfulness Group

A place to talk, listen and be silent

7 Tuesday evenings - Starting 16th January - 17th April 2018, 7.30-9.30 pm
with Dan Lupton

Men's Therapy & Mindfulness Group
Sometimes being true to ourselves means talking authentically; sometimes listening carefully; and sometimes silently focusing into our bodies. In a place of trust and safety, we can find insight into where we feel stuck and where we might feel more free.

Dan is offering a 7-session Men's Therapy & Mindfulness group from January to April 2018, for a small group of men with a maximum of 8 participants. In this group, we will combine short Mindfulness practices with a therapeutic approach, giving space to witness each other as we explore the complxities and challenges of our lives as men. Daring to share our fears, joys and triumphs in a group can feel liberating and empowering. Some experience of Therapy/Counselling or Mindfulness/Meditation is desirable.

Dan is an experienced Counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher, with 25+ years experience of Men's Groups. He is passionate about men expressing themselves in groups, where safety and trust can help us find feelings and words that may never have found expression.

Dates and Times: 7 Tuesday evenings 7.30-9.30 pm: 16th & 30th January, 6th February, 6th & 20th March, 3rd & 17th April 2018.
Cost: £120 / Concessions from £80.
Venue: The Riverside Building, 5 Riverside Terrace, Willow Vale, Frome BA11 1BQ
Facilitator: Dan Lupton
Booking: Please contact Dan for an initial conversation, on M. 07968-729090 or E

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