Introduction to Mindfulness

8-Week Course

8-Week Course
for Wellbeing

8-Week Course & Taster Sessions
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Mindfulness for Teachers

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Don't go outside
your house to see flowers

My friend, don't bother
with that excursion

Inside your body
there are flowers

One flower
has a thousand petals

That will do
for a place to sit

Sitting here you will have
a glimpse of beauty

Inside the body
and out of it,

Before gardens
and after gardens



Mindfulness works in every moment of life
Mindfulness works in ordinary ways - every day of your life

Before you decide whether mindfulness may work for you, you might find it helpful to see what other people have said about the Everyday Mindfulness courses.

"I entered into my 8 week course not knowing quite what to expect. I had suffered from depression for a long time and wasn't sure if I could open up in a group situation, but what I found was a method of relating to my life, and the situations within it, that enabled me to create the space to look deeply into the causes of my depression and my happiness. I learnt that being mindful enhanced every aspect of my life; my weekly shop no longer needs to be drudgery, it can be a source of refreshment and nourishment simply by practising mindful walking in the supermarket!

“A+. Just DO IT!”
“The teaching sessions were excellent.”

I was already familiar with the mindfulness practice, but Eva helped me to open and widen my understanding, and to strengthen the connection between mindfulness practice and my everyday life. You will find no proselytizing here, only gentle care and encouragement to help you to help yourself. Eva has found the perfect balance between gently supporting individuals whilst holding the group energy. Her empathy touched me very deeply and I will always be grateful for those 8 weeks."
“The class felt like a protected, safe place to just be.
 I learnt that I can be much kinder to myself; I can choose to respond not react.”

"Eva's teaching style went at just the right pace to keep us focussed on mindfulness for every day, she guided us through the course but also allowed us to come to our own conclusions about ways of using mindfulness to help us cope with the stressors in our day to day lives. Because of this I find I am able to continue to benefit from mindfulness practices even though the course is over now."
“The course workbook was brilliant, very useful and funny and varied.
The all-day retreat was a very special time."

"I've really benefitted from the course and from Eva's deep commitment to her students. What Eva has given to me goes way beyond the usual stuff you get from training courses, and it comes from  her own personal resources and insight. Thank you Eva for sharing this with me."

“I feel better able to handle stress and difficulties, and take more notice of little enjoyable things.”
"It is now 15 months since I completed the 8 week mindfulness course led by Eva, and I do 20 minutes of sitting meditation and 10 minutes of yoga each day. Before the course I had anxiety, mindfulness has helped me to be more relaxed and in touch with myself. It has transformed every aspect of my life. My relationships with my children, husband and friends are richer and more enjoyable. I am more engaged and committed to my work, doing longer hours and can see a new way forward for my career. I sleep better. Eva was a warm gentle teacher who communicated the essence of mindfulness clearly. I would recommend her course to anyone."

"Very, very worthwhile! I think everyone should do this,
it’s an opportunity to learn skills which will enrich and improve your life. Thank you!”
"I came across this course at a time when I was finding life very difficult emotionally. [...] It was useful to have a conversation with Eva before the start of the course. [...] It was hard at times to keep up the practice, [...] but as time went on I quickly felt the benefits of the course and my own input at home through regular practice. [...] People around me could see the huge impact it was having on me in the most positive way, and I was able to relax into sleeping better and being more mindful of the things I was doing and how I was doing them. [...] This course has reminded me that I must take the best care of myself. [...] I intend to continue as best I can and also to drop into follow-up classes and silent days.

I have the greatest respect for Eva and the way in which she has supported and guided me through the difficulties faced with completing the course, with friendliness, compassion and love. I treasure the time I have been able to share with Eva and the others on the course and the skills I have learnt ... to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life."